About Us

Our mission is to foster civic responsibility within the research community at UMB through outreach events. We strive to promote science education in Baltimore city at all age levels. We provide scientists at UMB an opportunity to connect their passion for science with their desire to connect to their local community.

Neuroscience Outreach and Volunteer Association

All students, postdocs, lab techs, and faculty at UMB are encouraged to get involved.



Members Benefits

Members can expect to gain experience talking about their research topic to lay audiences. Members gain experience in event planning. Members also get the chance to meet other like-minded researchers across multiple departments at UMB. Above all, members can expect multiple opportunities to give back to their community.

Our Team

Catherine Stapf Profile

Catherine Stapf

Christie Dionisos Profile

Christie Dionisos

Kaliroi Engel Profile

Kaliroi Engel

Outreach Coordinator
Anna Maximova Profile

Anna Maximova

Outreach Coordinator


Neuroscience Outreach and Volunteer Association

620 W. Lexington St.
Baltimore, Maryland, 21201
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